We can save millions of lives, together.

We can save millions
of lives, together.

We are a small group with a large mission: to provide medical care to almost a billion people who don’t have adequate access to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, or emergency rooms. We provide life-saving services and medicine to hundreds of people every day, but need to do much more to reach our monumental goal!

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Patient Stories


“My Name is Ngozi, and this is the story of how the most precious thing in life to me was made possible…”

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Hard Truths About Teenage Pregnancy

“Not so long ago, something like this clinic existed only in dreams for girls like me. If not for them, I’d be homeless and disowned by my parents and family…”

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Everything Has Changed

“This is a miracle; our town is now like the place to visit because of this clinic. My business in the last seven months has made so much money I now have a car…”

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Join us on our mission to open 100 clinics in areas of extreme need. Each clinic will save thousands of people per year from preventable deaths.

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