Hard Truths About Teenage Pregnancy

“These people are a gift from God, a true sign that we’re now developing. Not so long ago, something like this clinic existed only in dreams for girls like me. If not for them, I’d be homeless and disowned by my parents and family. As a teenager, getting pregnant is probably the worst thing that can happen to you since you’re not married. Once everyone knows, your life as you know it is essentially over. I can’t say exactly what help I got from the nurses here, but trust me, it helped save my life from a reality I would not wish on my worst enemy.

Through them, I now know how to use preventatives and I’ve shared this knowledge with my friends; using condoms and counting our cycle is now a routine thing for us. We can still have fun and be intimate with our boyfriends, without the negative stigma that comes with premarital pregnancy.

I will continue to tell all my friends and bring them here. One thing though, and I do not want to sound like I’m ungrateful, but unless you’re literally dying or in extreme medical emergency, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be attended to in any given day at this clinic. The lines are so long, sometimes you stand from morning until evening and you may not be able to see the nurse.

Please, you guys should consider opening more offices to help with this or solve this somehow. I really like this clinic but I want attention within 1 hour from when I’m there and I don’t want to have to wait all day. Just a wishful thought, but seriously thank you guys for all you have done. You’ve saved so many lives.”

Akashili Nwaka
Delta State, Nigeria

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