The Bad With The Good

“I have two things to say.

One: you people are my heroes. You helped saved my mother three months ago after our lunatic neighbor stabbed her in the stomach during an altercation. If not for this place, my mother would be history. Do you know how far we would have had to travel to the main cities to have her taken care of? It’s hundreds of kilometers away. She would have bled to death on our way there. Who would have even given us a car to take her in? There’s no ambulance here or anything. So what happens to people in her situation would have happened to her; she would have just died. So thank you for saving her life and giving me and my family many more years with her.

On the other hand, you people are rubbish. I’ve been in this line for over seven hours and there’s still forty or more people ahead of me. I may not even be able to get the medicine I need today. You only attend to very urgent issues. You may have done very good things with all your school and childrens’ sponsorships and support you give this community, but you are also rubbish. Stop treating people from other towns, this is our town and we have the money so you should see us first – before treating people from other villages. This is our right as the citizens of this town; to have access to things that are in our community without having to compete with the other villages.”

Obi Charles
Delta State, Nigeria

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